Raising the bar

I feel like I've been so complacent to where I am currently, work and personal achievement wise, that when I hear my friends talk about their plans within the next few years, I am faced with a blank wall.

It's not that I'm slacking off with what I do, in fact there are days where I get so stressed that I break my rules and take comfort in a serving of warm crepe, green tea doughnut or any food I know is bad for me to indulge in, BUT outside of that I have no other grand schemes.

So, am I getting left behind? Should I feel threatened or intimidated? Can I juggle more things right now? I have been very blessed with my work and I'm thankful for that, but why do I keep asking myself "Is this enough?". 

Well, maybe because it's not enough. I guess it's about time to raise the bar. :)

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