Ending the Vicious Cycle

All good things are difficult to achieve and all bad things are easy to get.

Why is it that doing the wrong thing gives you that certain kind of buzz, you know you're gonna regret it later, you know karma's gonna bite back when you least expect it to, and still go ahead and do it? Why does it feel so hard to stick to the right way? I know I'm finally doing the right thing, but why do I feel so rotten?

As long as I let this vicious cycle go on indefinitely, I will just hurt more people along the way and I will hurt more if the pain I carry is even possible to intensify when it feels I've hit rock bottom. So today I'm making the hard and yet right choice, I'm ending the vicious cycle, because I know in my heart that I deserve better things in life.

One day at a time Madz, just take baby steps. Maybe some day, if and when you get there, you will be finally able to see light at the end of the tunnel and then everything will be worth it.

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