Gratitude Note

I may have started on the wrong note for the year. My life is not without complications, but it is still a fulfilling one. Please don't think of me as an ungrateful being who cannot see the light of day, because I am really am happy with the blessings I have. I guess, I just don't express it that much anymore than the way I used to way back in my Multiply days. So, for old time's sake and for posterity I'm starting over again with my gratitude notes.

  • I am thankful for resumption of work for this year. I can't believe I'd prefer keeping my hands busy than doing nothing day in and day out.
  • I am thankful for closures, and the finality it brings. It feels like I've been unhooked and can I just say how liberating it feels?
  • I am thankful for friends that come from all shapes, sizes, places and personalities. My friends do make my life more interesting and adventurous.
  • I am thankful for the opportunities, work-wise. It's truly an honor to mentor an expanding team, who I think is making a big impact the way development teams conduct their software development projects.
  • I am thankful for breezy days. I'm gonna enjoy the chilly nights until summer comes around the corner.
  • I am thankful for being in relatively good health for the past year, minus the occasional cough and cold bouts.
  • I am thankful for being able to adapt slowly into turning myself into a more mature, open-minded and sensitive person. I still have my boo-boo moments, but I'm happy to say that I realize when I've gone too far and when I need to behave myself.
  • I am thankful for being able to travel and escape the stress of city living for a few fleeting days. It feels wonderful to be able to recharge, dust myself off and try again (yes, that's a song lyric heehee)
  • I am thankful for my life. Up to today, I still wonder in amazement how I can still be alive after my painful vehicular collision accident way back in 2012. It's a 2nd chance I wouldn't want to waste.
There are still a hundred more things I can think of, but maybe I can put those into writing at a later time. Overall, I have had a bountiful 2014 and I am looking towards a fulfilling year ahead. I'm also aiming to keep the positive attitude all throughout, regardless of any obstacles I may face, I know the Lord wouldn't give me a problem that I can't handle. So, here's to 2015 and may it bring countless of memories worth keeping and lessons that will continuously transform me into a better me.



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