On Wanting to Have It All

Also known as social media envy.

Maybe I'm spending way too much time online, or maybe I'm just that dissatisfied with my life. I know that comparing my life to that of others isn't really the wisest idea, but there are times that you can't help but do the exact thing you were initially avoiding.

Sure, I know that most people only divulge the best facets of their life, otherwise my Facebook and Instagram feeds would seem like a wet market, rather than an upscale grocery. Despite that, I'm still left feeling dull and leading an uneventful life. No, I'm not saying that I'm unhappy with what I have. It's just sometimes, I wish things would get a wee bit more exciting, if you know what I mean. Living a monotonous cycle of home>work>home feels, I don't know, tiring? 

I know that I can't have it all or that I can't have it all at once, but I can shake things up and my life more interesting, right? Soooo, instead of focusing on the negative, I'm deriving the positive outputs from it. Updated life goals: Cyber stalk less, travel more, stop comparing my life from others, accomplish more great things personally, financially and work-wise. Here's to hoping that I'll be able to stick with this! *fingers crossed*

PS. The blog post photo has no relation whatsoever with the content. I just couldn't find anything in my archives that translates my thoughts perfectly. So, there.



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