Other people feel butterflies in their stomach, I on the other hand feel sparks. There are many ways to feel loved, after all. Allow me to let this feeling be put into writing now, lest I forget how to replicate it one day. 

It's like all is right with the world, a rare space and occasion where time ceases to exist, it's  all things wonderful, your stars aligned for that perfect moment that will be forever embedded in your heart, it's waking up with a silly smile plastered on your face and going to sleep with the same stupid grin.It's like your heart will burst at any moment from containing too much happiness, it feels like it should be illegal to feel this way. It's in the way your hand fits perfectly in his, it's how comforting a warm hug from him is.

It is knowing you are at home, wherever you are, as long as you are with him. It's feeling the utmost security, it's knowing that you are truly blessed to have found your soul mate and yet amazed on how lucky you are. It's cradling a prized possession, it's knowing that you are never truly alone. It's being able to be the real you, no pretensions, no lies. It's being able to comfortable with your own skin, it's being able to feel assured that somewhere, someone out there feels all these insane things that you feel. It's melting like butter when you gaze into his eyes, as if every time is the first time you've met him. 

It's falling in love with the same person, over and over again, even when you're not supposed to. Not anymore. 



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