The Sunday Currently, Volume 1


Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects. I have officially added her to my roster of favorite authors ever since Gone Girl. I am also reading Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow, but I left my copy in the office. I've built a mini-library in my apartment, because I don't take my books home anymore, plus there's no space left. I'm afraid that one day, the police may find me dead under a pile of books.


My Salcedo Weekend Market experience on my food blog. I almost didn't made it, waking up at a few minutes past 6:00AM. Thank God for eyelash extensions I had since last week, I was able to prep up in a jiffy!


Alice Cooper's I Never Cry, on repeat as performed by Jay R. I've been hooked ever since I heard this while catching on the Your Face Sounds Familiar Philippines episodes on YouTube. I know he's an RnB singer, but damn he got Cooper to a tee.


That I should get my butt of this chair and finish cleaning my apartment. At its current state, it's always in an "organized chaos". I would want to believe that I can do better than that, at least for a few days.

Also, fitness and a more active lifestyle. I always think about it, but never go around doing something about it, so I think that's the problem.


Freshly laundered clothes, lavender scent in particular. I love the way it lingers in the air every time I do my laundry. Delicate, sweet and clean. 


Many things, of course. That certain people should just shut the hell up, that losing weight was as easy as it was 3 years ago, that Monday isn't tomorrow. Hello, inner Garfield!


About nothing in particular. 


Adidas black running shorts and a white floral sleeveless top. Hahaha, so what?

Took a bath and changed into a Bench plain white v-neck shirt, and Nike orange running shorts.


Bloons TD 5 android game. I'm already at level 69, but there's so much more medals, coins and achievements to unlock. Also, my hair ever since I've had it lightened again for a soft brown shade. At this point, I don't even know why I dyed it black.


An oven, baking paraphernalia and all the works! Some vacation time in a foreign land, Tokyo, or Thailand. A Nintendo 3DS to play the newer Ace Attorney series. A bigger apartment too!!!


Eyelash extensions touch-up, among other things. Plus, another day extension for the weekend.


Uninspired. Hahaha, sounds like a teenager on a rebellious and emo streak, but oftentimes it's true. I guess all I need is some sort of nudge in the right direction, or a source of inspiration whatever it may be.



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