What I've Learned, So Far

  1. Seniority does not beget respect. Respect is earned, not forced.
  2. When someone breaks your heart, never go back. Else, it will just be an endless cycle.
  3. It's not always true when they say "Out of sight, out of mind.", but it sure does help
  4. Low expectations is sometimes the key, to avoid disappointments
  5. Never ever color your hair black. It's a nightmare to bleach and lighten!
  6. Oftentimes, it's not about you. Be sensitive about others' emotions and concerns
  7. Being a good listener is an art in it self. Be in the moment and be there for your friend.
  8. You can never be friends with an ex-lover. It will be messy. Just don't go there.
  9. You can be friends with an ex-lover, given that any hint of feelings has long since gone
  10. Do not share your life's problems on social media, people don't want to hear them anyway, or the people who do have nothing better to do than gossip. 
  11. Investing in the stock market is a wise financial move.
  12. Buying various stocks at minimum share quantity is a no-no. It's better to increase your current stocks, it will raise your earnings when sold at the right timing.
  13. Sleeping aid is a godsend for those sleepless, insomnia induced nights
  14. Happiness truly isn't about what you have, but how you feel about it
  15. Stress shopping will only inflate your credit card bill, avoid at all costs
  16. It's okay to say NO
  17. Never say everything that comes to you, words can inflict irreversible consequences
  18. Apologizing isn't hard, it's just your pride that's stopping you
  19. Not knowing what you want in life is acceptable, for now
  20. Owning a car is a liability, not an asset
  21. Owning a car can turn into an asset, if I hire a dedicated driver and register with Uber
  22. Uber is love. Forget EasyTaxi and Grab a Taxi. Safety and comfort are top priority!
  23. Rent to own condominiums is a good idea
  24. It's never too late to learn how to bake
  25. When in doubt, ask for help
  26. Things will get better, if it seems like the world is on your shoulders still, it isn't the end. This too shall pass
  27. Karaoke is always a good idea
  28. Travel while you still can, what's the use of your camera if you don't have memories to capture?
  29. Fireworks photography is HARD. I'm better off at just watching the show
  30. Still life photography is love. Flowers, architecture, food. There is beauty everywhere, you just have to look closer



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