Old Soul

I'm at the point in my life where "I am too old for this shit" applies to well... pretty much everything.

I am too old for clubbing, bar hopping or drinking the night away. Well, truth be told I was never fun at parties.

I am too old for overly dramatic friendships, if there's a problem I'm willing to talk about it. I It just irks me to be ignored whenever it pleases you.

I am too old for today's trending music. My soul is stuck in the 90's to early 2000's alternative and pop jams.

I am too old to be living payday to payday. I feel like I'm just growing old and not growing up.

I am too old to seek validation from other people, confidence and self-worth begins and ends within me. I do not need to ask for it online.

I am too old to care about my ex's current string of girlfriends who stalk my and my close friend's online accounts. Why bother?

I am too old to post all my life's drama in my Facebook account. I have seen how unsightly it looks like from another person, and boy, I do not want to be her. Life is good, it just depends on which perspective you are looking from.

I am too old to keep disregarding my ballooning weight, I need to hit the condo's gym facilities as soon as it opens. Which reminds me, I have to ask when.

Lastly, I am too old to oversleep during the day only to stay up at night. Way to go, Madz.


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