Independent Living

"Don't you get sad living alone?" is a question I am too often asked. The thing is, I chose to be independent because of the nature of my work, and the lifestyle I lead. Also, I think some people are just confused between "bored" and "sad".

You see, I like my privacy. I also like not having a curfew, or bothering other people to wait up for me. I also extremely dislike hurrying up with my time just to get back as early as possible and I loathe long commute hours. So, living alone is really the perfect option for me.

Sure, it has its drawbacks. You shoulder all the bills, grocery shopping can get quite expensive and you do all the cleaning yourself, but I don't mind at all. There's a sense of fulfillment in living independently for me. No, I'm not saying that staying with your family, or bunking up with room mates isn't as fulfilling. Simply put, to each his own.

For people out there who are still torn between moving out, or staying. What's stopping you? Take that first step forward, your future self will thank you for it. 😉


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